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Our Micro-tagging technology will help companies and individuals worldwide to conduct commerce more securely by integrating next-generation security features into their products to prevent counterfeiting.

Krowker Direny


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How We Got Started

Around Are World, LLC was founded by Krowker Direny in 2015. Located at an incubator at 41 Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn this small scrappy startup is challenging the notion that high-tech anti-counterfeiting measures have to be complicated and expensive. If you are like us and believe that there is elegance in simplicity then you will love our approach to solving this age-old problem of how to tell what is real from what is fake. We took our queue from nature in designing our micro tags. We all have DNA with biomarkers that uniquely identify us, what if we could do the same with our products, that way we tell with certainty that they are genuine? Our Microtagged system is a simple, cost-effective method of uniquely tagging products during the manufacturing process which serves as a one of a kind identification system for each product on your assembly line which deters counterfeiting.

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